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Video Vice 32-bit is a Video Compression application designed specifically for the
Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.

Video Vice runs on Windows 10 Home and Pro 32-bit & 64-bit versions.

  Video Vice uses the FFmpeg H.265 2-Pass Video Compression Algorithms to
compress all major video formats. This 2-Pass Compression technique produces the
Highest Quality Possible of Compressed Video.

As FFmpeg is constantly being updated, Video Vice allows you to modify the list of
Video File Types. You can either add a new Video File Type or Remove a Video File Type
in line with FFmpeg developments 

Each and every release of Video Vice is submitted to for analysis.
Each SHA-256 HASH is published alongside the Video Vice Download Link.

This SHA-256 HASH is a unique key generated by that specifically identifies Video Vice and its clean bill of health after being scanned by all major Malware Vendors.

Each and every release of Video Vice is submitted to Microsoft Smart Screen for analysis.
This allows Windows Smart Screen to Identify Video Vice as a Safe Application and can be trusted.




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